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New Internship in Italy !

New internship available in Calabria, Italy!

Come a casa is a training project that aims at teaching people who have a passion for hospitality the skills to face professional challenges.

Working with experts from every department will allow the intern to acquire professionalism and the right behavior.


The interns will have to manage clients’ needs before, during and after its stay. All the departments of the hotel, from breakfast to reception, will have to understand the mission (Hospitality care) which is for us our core business.

The interns will participate to case studies both in class and at work, along with our experts. We benefit a 20-year experience. They will work up to 36 hours a week, with two shifts or one only depending the departments’ needs.

At the end of the internship, they will have acquired the skills according to our standards and procedures.

  1.  Unpaid 

  2. 4 working days

  3. Accommodation included

  4. Meals included

  5. Language: English

  6. Employment opportunity after internship



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